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Bridge In It By Bridgett Lyn Dolgoff

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So long as one feeds on the food from unhealthy soil, the spirit will lack the stamina to free itself from the prison of the body. RUDOLF STEINER

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT THE FACTUALIZED TRUST OF BRIDGETTE LYN DOLGOFF, does by these presents appoints Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff as both the Attorney and Trustee for the Factualized Trust BRIDGETTE LYN DOLGOFF in fact, and in law: ORIGINAL DUE VERIFICATION: Original, duly being, with full due responsibility, accountability, and liability, without prejudice, nunc pro tunc pareterea perterea.

Due gift of The Perpetuity, duly made to, and accepted by, Original [Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff], in Factualized Trusts equally and respectfully. The Perpetuity, restated, and specifically and particularly, UCC recorded numbers 20111125781, 2011055259, 2011055260, 2012049126, 2012012675, 2012025545, 2012049126, 2012-125-1787-8, 2012012555, 2012028312, 2012012659, 2012028311, and 2012028314, all said records restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full, never rebutted; and DECLARATION OF COMMERICAL CLAIM duly made, issued, registered, and noticed, inclusive of complete ownership and title of inferior treasuries.

Original Depository: Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

Governed by: Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

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Preview YouTube video Deflect, Reflect and Connect Energy Practice 1Deflect, Reflect and Connect Energy Practice 1Preview YouTube video Deflecting Energy Practice 2Deflecting Energy Practice 2Preview YouTube video Reflecting Energy Practice 3Reflecting Energy Practice 3Preview YouTube video Connecting Energy Practice 4Connecting Energy Practice 4Preview YouTube video Ana B’Ko’ach (A Kabbalistic Prayer) (2 Versions – Music & Acapella)Ana B’Ko’ach (A Kabbalistic Prayer) (2 Versions – Music & Acapella)Preview YouTube video Traditional Navajo PrayerTraditional Navajo PrayerPreview YouTube video YHVH Adonai ChantYHVH Adonai ChantPreview YouTube video Chakra Beatbox by MC YOGI – Dj Happy Nataraj extended remixChakra Beatbox by MC YOGI – Dj Happy Nataraj extended remix

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We share our ACO Club members who are radio hosts, authors, artists, and I am a member of BMI Broadcast Music Incorporated as a songwriter. I created ACE Folklife Society to begin my life as a journalist, reporter, researcher, writer collecting stories of how people believed in folk stories and made the non-profit ACE Folklife. I also added a Label Ascension Center Psychic Awakening Classes as a book. I began my own imprint in publishing as Timely Manor Books and my mother seeded me as an angel investor $100.00 to put toward our publishing ebooks online. I now call my company American Communications Online. Dr. Alexander Phillip Lessin, Ph.D. Anthropology began sharing his spiritual center in Maui with many of us while I was in Hawaii 1989-1994. I moved in July 1994 to pursue my career at Killeen, Fort Hood, Texas. I met my husband Thomas R Morris in Texas. It was Dr. Lessin who knew of my colleague Dr. Laura Sturgis Ph.D. in psychology who shared in my interest in para- psychology and gave me an office next to hers to teach psychic awakening classes. In 1997 Dr. Lessin married Janet Kira Lessin has they began running the workshops and weekend retreats in California and Hawaii. We share the ACE Metaphysical Institute for counseling and educational entertainment.  Janet Kira Lessin has been running my Hawaii – Ascension Psychic Awakening Center Network Domain as I have the domain name http://Ascension.Center.  I have TJ Morris Agency and American Communications Online as PayPal accounts. and

When I began writing Stories with my husband Thomas R Morris in Kentucky, his sister Deborah K Dockery was also a writer and joined us.  Think of the city or town in which you live. You find people belonging to all communities’ men and women, rich and poor. Radio plays a very important role in the lives of the people of India. Though there are plenty of rich people and highly developed cities, most of our people are poor and many them cannot read or write. So, the only medium that can really reach them to inform, educate and entertain is the radio. Radio stations especially those run by the government perform a public service duty.

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I went public on the Internet in 2004. I began writing for various magazines including my own American News Magazine, and American Chronicle, I was asked to write for Dirk Vander Ploeg in Canada who was interested in Fate Magazine and I spoke to the owner a woman who had purchased this from a larger company.  We’re in this business for the fun, for the people, for the community, and formed TJ Morris ET Radio in 2012 in Kentucky. I now own and CosmosRadio.Online. We share RevolutionRadio.Club with Thomas R Becker and Freedoms Lips Volunteers for public radio open source free speech and network neutrality. Thomas R. Becker, Theresa J Morris, and Janet Kira Lessin have been producing radio talk shows since 2012 together. They have formed ACO Club for American Communications Online and RevolutionRadio.Club for subscribers, supporters, and events.

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