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Ethan Indigo Smith Sep 29, 2019, 4:52 PM
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Winston Smith Coming of Age

    Can I make some political observations and declare them without any accusation? People have become so ignorant and emotive that they are not in the present at all, but in some Hegelian Dialectic Doublethink induced coma and it has become difficult to communicate on matters of consequence. It is like no one has anything to say except to tell those they disagree with to be quiet. There is so little dialogue that builds and too much condescending criticism.

    Increasingly I have to whisper my political opinion for it is not touting some party line. What in The Big Brother is happening to the collective? Most people are more and more like the clamoring Outer Party in 1984 screaming their support louder and louder as if volume endeared correctness. Volume and party matter more and more, individuals and principles matter less and less.

    Have you ever had to hide the fact that you contemplate and even research politics? Have you ever felt like you were among the last few who was doing so? Have you ever felt like Winston Smith from 1984 in one way or another connecting dots which no one else appears to care about? Did you know that the initial working title of 1984 was The Last Man in Europe?

    It is amazing how corrupt the world is. The world is so full of corrupt politicians and political parties for instance that when one points out the corruption of one politician or party the only argument someone might have is to point out the corruption of the opposition of said politician!   

    The above amazingness is a big part of why I have mostly refrained from making political observations since The United States pulled Trump card. I think it is fair to say that the aggregate U.S.A. elected Trump because the collective is absolutely distrusting of status quo politicians, but indeed the opposition to corruption today is most frequently entirely corrupt too.

    Because of what might be termed The Epstein Effect the collective do not trust our leaders. In fact it was a funny story, the week before Epstein’s shady departure from this realm a leaked memo from The F.B.I. questioned the dangers of certain types of conspiracy theorists in the U.S.A. Yes, seriously. And post Epstein every other political observer in the world became a conspiracy theorist to The F.B.I.’s frustration. The week after the memo was leaked Epstein is dead rippling further distrust of the state, and such linked elitists who are connected to some of the most devilish perverts the world has encountered since Caligula, only closeted.

    The United States is full of conspiracy theorists…sadly not enough know the conspiracy behind the very term conspiracy theorist…That it was a term used to degrade critical thinkers who, based on the math of facts they added up, questioned the original modern day conspiratorial event, the assassination of J.F.K. (Incidentally Trump had opportunity to release information on J.F.K. assassination but decided not release information to inform U.S. citizens)

    Perhaps the postmodern conspiracy theory of our time is the conspiracy behind environmental destruction of the planet. People arguing over climate change is a cultural phenomenon that is certainly institutionally arranged. There is no clean water, clean air, untainted food today. The temperature is consequential to the fact humanity is destroying our surroundings so that oligarchical collectivists make money. Conspiracy Theory Postmodernica: Institutions have people arguing over if they should continue environmental destruction though oligarchical petrolithic energy and nuclear energy waste.  

    And here we are a nation of, if not a world of, conspiracy theorists exactly because we have elitist imbalance of information and occulted evils. And because unlike many nations of the world that are entirely elitist and restrictive of openly questioning information, individuals in The U.S. can formulate potential possibility based on what we do know and on what we know to be suspicious, or lies, i.e. form conspiracy theories.

    The U.S. has been under a conspiracy theory haze since Trump was elected and arguably since 9/11. Institutions and individuals attempt to influence your mind through subtle and intense propaganda efforts. Over the long term we have been steered to despise the idea of assisting peers through the stigma of socialism, when in fact the entire world is run by socialist, more appropriately parasitic oligarchical collectivist governments. In The U.S. for instance our military industrial complex and our police forces are all funded by socialism, and no one bats an eye. Many sports stadiums are socially funded as are our schools and on and on. Not to mention the damned socialized tax breaks, public land offerings, and financial subsidies energy companies and numerous other sorts of companies obtain from the U.S. taxpayers. Conspiracy Theory: The well-trained U.S. taxpayer who would rather do anything than help other individuals through their taxes.

    A foundational metaphor of The U.S. combined with the average ‘thinking that occurs today illustrates how low we have sunk. After a long discussion on the formation of government Benjamin Franklin was asked, ‘what kind of government have you given us, a monarchy or a republic?’ To which he replied ‘A republic’ adding a moment later, ‘if you can keep it.’

    How do we keep a republic from becoming an oligarchy? We have to stand for principles and stand against liars, and perhaps most importantly, perhaps what Benjamin Franklin was most immediately referring to, we have to refine our minds. We have to educate ourselves. Now take a look at the attempted influence of the elections in The U.S. and the liars of the world. We must simply be so educated, wise and knowledgeable, that in fact nobody can lie to us and steer our minds and cause their desired outcome. The higher your mode of thinking and being, the more principles you stand on, the less your own government, or any other government or any monarchical/oligarchical group can steer you where they prefer.

     You have to act to keep you own consciousness in this world, otherwise you may find yourself fighting for institutions and against individuals for some hollow contrived reason, like the word socialism when all around us is oligarchical collectivism and uncaring authoritarianism. If you do not work on raising your awareness of the world, of your own inner thinking and the world at large, you will eventually fall victim to training systems largely intent on belittling you and building institutions.

    I have accumulated numerous points of fact, and numerous patterns that run parallel with what the fictional Big Brother of 1984 would have done in 1982 or so. Trump, like many institutionalized emotionally retarded, materialistic and narcissistic politicians of the world is nearly entirely motivated by oligarchical intent and what he has done and said is so keenly Orwellian it is frightful, and perhaps because Trump is so mightily tone deaf, and such a hollow want-to-be New York City hustler, is also half way hilarious.

    I am now convinced that if a person is supportive of parties at all, and if they are ardently supportive of politicians to the point they trust said parties or politicians despite facts, I cannot trust them. If someone is supportive of identity politics that have driven the numbing polarization of right and left politics promoted like some good cop/bad cop team I simply cannot trust they have thought things through or thought at all. If people ardently play and support identity politics via party or politician I presume they are either idiots, zealots or elitists, that is to say that they have not thought at all, that they thought only how they want to perceive things, or they thought about how they can benefit themselves. Liberty of The United States Republic comes with a precarious price…we have to be educated and principled to keep it.

     I have also noticed that most people think oligarchy is a Russian word because it is only used in reference to Russian oligarchs rather than the likes of The Trumps, or The Bushes, or The Clintons, or The Rockefellers. The use of the O word in The U.S. is never placed on anyone but Russians. In fact, The United States is the most oligarchical collectivist nation in the world and likely is the most corrupted by oligarchs.

     We have been trumped by the trumpery of politicians. Trump and his trumpian pee-on quackadoos most recently have taken the oligarchical collectivist reign, but all politics have made useful the idiots, lined up the zealots and engaged system on behalf of elitists.

The following points from Oligarchical Collectivist Administration of President Trump are akin to things that would have occurred in George Orwell’s 1984 during Winston Smith’s coming of age.

Claims facts are fake. This is like saying morality is objective. There is plenty of fakery posing as news.

Hateful hollow speech. His belittling references divide people, seemingly promoting division within and without in what appears to be purposeful stupidity. 

Language Elimination. Eliminated reference to climate change reference. Clean water over institutional energy oligarchy now.

Language shift, Among the incredible amount of ridiculous stupidity put forth by Trump administration is The molecules of freedom/freedom gas for petrol products. The Trump Administration also coined the term alternative facts igniting sales of 1984, and even my book The Complete Patriot’s Guide.

Nuclear Experimentation. The statements Trump has supposedly made regarding nuclear combat are almost as frightening as the nuclear combat threat he posed to North Korea with in his ‘Fire and fury’ rhetoric.

Endless War posturing. Trump has not led The U.S. into an actual war as of 9/18/19. Yet Trump has rattled relations with numerous allies and set up nations like Iran to be in a predicament where lashing out is a better option than drying up to the trade embargo which is equivalent to a modern day siege.    

Energy oligarchy support. Trump is subsidizing energy corporations at every step, opening up vast regions to mining and refining of toxic and oligarchic energy resources.

Products and resources. The constraint of resources due to oligarchical Big Brother diviseness

Total confusion in lies and ignorance and zealotry proposed patriotism. The ignorant bombastic hollow language is difficult to understand and outright barbarous.

Resource scarcity through tariffs.

Prejudice groupings.

Extreme flip flops. And lies.  

Familial despotism.  

Standing close to military. Despite his oligarch deferment Captain bonespurs is propping up military industrial complex like never before. 

Attempting to nullify state’s rights. California auto emission rules for manufacturers have slightly motivated manufacture of more efficient automobiles. Meanwhile The US Air Force has a solar powered plane orbiting the world for the last two years.  

Changing math and meaning of nuclear waste. If anything links presidents it is oligarchical energy sycophancy.

Endless wild shifting of perspective and presentation of information

Virtually no press conferences due to revealed lies and stupidity.

Promotion of state news. One of many kooky and flighty ideas was making state news agency. Another is to form internet security with Russia.

    Please research these concepts for yourself if questionable for it appears to me that people do zero research for themselves concerning most every subject especially political ones. Most people have subscribed to the idea that politics is not discussed and amplified it so that politics is not contemplated. And I swear sadly, the few who do speak about politics sound like recordings of mainstream news propaganda or talking points. Please research things for yourself. When was the last time you independently researched politics?

Wakey, wakey, time to stop the oligarchy.  

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